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The Garriston Charollais flock was formed in 1994 by Kenton Foster, a deadweight lamb buyer and Auctioneer, on a 10 acre smallholding in the picturesque Yorkshire dales village in Wensleydale, North Yorkshire. It was set up originally as a hobby to attend shows through the summer.

I built the numbers up as my rams were very easily sold to regular customers and was having to buy rams in to meet the demand.

We currently run approx 30 ewes, 20 shearling gimmers,30 ewe lambs ,15 shearling rams,20 december/jan ram lambs and 15 march born ram lambs.

I now regulary sell 30- 40 rams a year and my aim is to produce a big strong Charollais with tight skins that also have good head cover, long wide loins with full rear ends.

Rams that can produce produce lambs that can flesh naturally off grass i think is very important as my customers want lambs that are easy to lamb,very quick to suckle and the quickest to finish.

Garriston Charollais have shearling rams,ram lambs and females for sale.we hope to attend Worcester Premier,Skipton Female sale,Kelso Ram sales or private on farm sales. Our sheep this year are extremely good and are suitable for pedigree breeders or commercial buyers.

Visitors are always welcome at Garriston.